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Play as a platformer character who suddenly finds himself omniscient after ingesting a strange power-up. With your monitor as your vessel, explore the world outside yours.

Designed and written in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31, for which the theme was “Entire Game on One Screen.”

Special thanks to Dylan Browne for amazing music, and Pamela Pizarro-Ruiz for her beautiful as always art.


Unity (C#)

Ludum Dare:

Placement Category Score (#/5)
#2 Theme 4.85
#2 Innovation 4.73
#6 Overall 4.28
#22 Fun 4.01
#47 Audio 3.96
#58 Humor 3.83
#90 Mood 3.77
#123 Graphics 4.14

Beyond amazing gameplay and use of theme! There’s not a single thing I could critic about this! -Lynx

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