Games, Projects and Portfolio updated.

It’s drawing close to the end of the year, and with that comes website update season!

Looking back, I’ve done a lot in the last half of this year. I added 6 more games from this year to my games page, including my most recent project for Ludum Dare 34, Psychra.

Additionally, I created a projects page to keep track of non-game projects, many of which I worked on this year, and plan to continue working on in the future.

I also made some changes to my portfolio page to reflect more recent projects.

Thanks to everyone who made 2015 awesome!

Migrating to a new host

Happy holidays!

This week I’ve set out to finally migrate this blog to a new (cheaper) host. With that migration, I’m taking some time to optimize how much space I’m using, and what files are hosted on my server.

So, for the next few days there might be some broken links here and there. If you come across something, please email me right away!